Discovery Plus Mod APK Latest v2.8.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Gest Discovery Plus Mod APK Latest Version for Free!

Discovery Plus is one of the leading video streaming platforms across the globe. It is owned by Discovery, Inc. and focuses on programming drawn from Discovery’s main channel brands. There’s so much to learn from through these channels. Some of the most popular channels under Discovery’s main brand include HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and Discovery Channel. All these channels include information regarding animals and all sorts of wildlife around you. If you don’t want to pay the subscription for Discovery Plus, you can go for the modded version of this application which is available free of cost. 

Name Discovery Plus Mod
Downloads 5,000+ (Monthly)
Required Android 4.4+
Updated on Feb 2022
Size 18 MB
Version 2.8.2
Developer Discovery Communications, India

discovery plus mod apk

Download Discovery Plus Mod APK 


Features Of Discovery Plus Mod 

Discovery Plus offers unlimited shows for a particular subscription fee so if you go for the modded version of this application, you can get all such features without paying a penny for the same. Let’s look at these features in a detail: 

  1. You’re going to get ad-free content. This is very important when you’re going through the content of the Discovery Plus application. If you’re watching something really interesting about a particular animal, advertisements trying to interrupt your viewing experience can be a huge concern. This is a problem with most of the free applications. If you’re able to pay the subscription fee for it, you would be getting content that is ad-free but if you’re going for the content that’s free of cost, it might take a lot of advertisements into account. When you go for Discovery Plus Mod, you get content for free and you don’t pay anything for the same. 
  2. All the content that’s supposed to be included in the premium library gets unlocked. There are all kinds of TV shows, movies, and short videos featuring on the library of the premium version of Discovery, simply referred to as Discovery Plus. It is bound to make your viewing experience a lot better but you will have to make sure that you buy the subscription for it first. However, you have a chance to use Discovery Plus Mod. It will make sure that you get all the premium content on the application free of cost. 
  3. You get to watch your favorite content in different languages. As you would know, Discovery and all its channels provide you with content in all sorts of languages. It allows you to get the content you desire in the language that you prefer the most. If you use the normal version of Discovery Plus, it wouldn’t be the same case. In case you go for Discovery Plus Mod, it’s going to make sure that there are multiple languages available to stream content and all of it comes free of cost. 
  4. One of the best features of Discovery Plus Mod is that you will get to stream short videos here. When you watch Discovery and the related channels on your TV, this feature wouldn’t be available for you. The short video concept is made for those people who don’t want to waste a lot of their time understanding and watching the content provided by Discovery. 
  5. You can create a personal watchlist through Discovery Plus Mod. You have to tick all the shows and movies that you would like to watch. If you don’t have the time already, you can save such shows and movies and go on to watch them later. If you don’t make this playlist, there are all the chances that you forget about it completely. Discovery Plus Mod provides you with this great feature and you should be trying to make the most out of it. 

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How to install Discovery Plus Mod APK on your Android

Downloading and installing Discovery Plus Mod is quite simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making things even simpler: 

  • The first thing to do is download the Discovery Plus Mod. We have provided you with the link and you should be trying to go for its latest version. The newest version of Discovery Plus Mod will be more advanced and will be the most beneficial to you. 
  • Once you have completed the download, you should visit the settings of your device. You need to enable the files from unknown sources. Since you will be required to download an unofficial version of the application, your device might not allow you to install it to your storage. You have to make these little changes to your settings for the better. 
  • Now that you have changed the settings, you should start the installation process. You can go back to the browser and see the download section. The file will be the latest download. You can also go to the location of the file and initiate the installation process there. 
  • After a few minutes, the installation process will be completed. If the logo of the Discovery Plus Mod drops on your home menu, it is a signal of the fact that the application is ready for use. 

What All Can You Get Through Discovery Plus Mod? 

The discovery Plus Mod will unlock all the Premium features of the application. It will allow you to watch the following things: 

  • If you want to enjoy live TV channels, you can always do so through Discovery Plus Mod. If you’re not at home but you still desire to watch Discovery content from all its channels, you can root for the modded version of the application and watch it on the go. 
  • It provides you with great parental control. If your kids are watching content on this application, it’s only going to be useful for them. You can plan the content that your kids need to watch here. As long as they are seeing the right content, it’s going to be great knowledge for them. 
  • If you’re a sports fanatic, you have got a chance to watch some awesome sports content through Discovery Plus Mod. You get to stream live matches in full HD quality free of cost. 
  • Since we have already talked about how the application provides you parental control, you also get all the kids-friendly shows here. If you need an application that allows your kids to learn and get entertained at the same point in time, you have to download this application to your system. 


Q1: Does it take a lot of time to download Discovery Plus Mod to your device? 

No, it doesn’t take much time to download Discovery Plus Mod to your device. It’s only 19MB in terms of size. If you have got a healthy internet connection, it’s only going to take a minute or two at the maximum. 

Q2: Should Discovery Plus Mod be used on an Android device to stream content related to Discovery and its channels? 

If you want to watch premium Disney Plus content for free, there wouldn’t be a better platform for you. The download and installation process is very simple as well. 

Q3: Does this application provide ad-free content to its users? 

That’s one of the best parts about using this application. If you want to get content without seeing any advertisements, you should prefer this application. While you can try to go for the premium version of Discovery Plus too, it’s going to cost you $7 per month. While the Discovery Plus Mod is available free of cost. 

Conclusion: Discovery Plus Mod APK Download Premium Unlocked

If you would like to stream Discovery Plus content with a premium subscription unblocked for free, you should prefer this Mod. It’s sure to provide you with content in HD quality and you don’t have to worry if your subscription has expired or not! 

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