Hotstar Mod APK Latest v12.4.3 (Premium/VIP Unlocked)

Get Hotstar Mod APK Premium/VIP Disney+ App for your Android devices.

Hotstar is one of the most popular digital platforms across the globe. It allows you to stream TV shows and movies from across the globe. You also get to watch sports content on Hotstar. To make the most out of the platform, you will have to pay a good subscription fee for the cause. But when you go for Hotstar Mod, you can access unlimited premium content on Hotstar without paying a penny for the cause. 

Name Hotstar Mod
Downloads 74,000+ (Monthly)
Required Android 4.4+
Updated on Feb 2022
Size 30 MB
Version 12.4.3
Developer Novi Digital

Hotstar MOD APK latest version

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Features Of Hotstar Mod APK 

As of now, we have talked about how Hotstar Mod will allow you to access premium content for free. But there’s more to the story here. There are several other features on this platform and we will discuss them one by one here: 

  1. As you can expect from Hotstar Mod, you will get VIP and Premium content unlocked on the platform. There are two types of subscriptions on Hotstar. One is VIP which allows you to stream limited content but it comes at a lower price. When you go for Premium mode, you get unlimited content on Hotstar but it comes with a high price. When you’re using Hotstar Mod, you don’t have to worry about which mode of Hotstar you need to buy. You will get to access VIP as well as Premium content for free. 
  2. Have you ever thought about getting a feature of offline streaming for free on a digital platform? The normal version of Hotstar wouldn’t be providing you with this feature. You can download favorite shows on Hotstar and watch them later at your will. There are times when your internet connection is poor or you don’t have time to binge-watch a TV series. In such a case, Hotstar Mod will provide you with an option to download such movies and TV shows and watch them later. 
  3. There wouldn’t be any advertisements at all. Now imagine this, you get to access VIP and Premium content for free. It means that you get to access the entire library of Hotstar and you don’t pay a single penny for it. On top of that, you don’t have to see advertisements trying to invade your viewing experience. How cool is that? It’s only possible if you go for Hotstar Mod on your device. 
  4. While TV shows and movies are provided by other streaming platforms too, it’s the sports content that makes Hotstar different from others. You can go for live streaming of certain sports events as per your desires. When you download Hotstar Mod on your device, you will be able to live stream sports events in full HD quality. As we have already said, you don’t need to pay any price for the cause. 
  5. As we have already discussed, you get all the Premium features of Hotstar through the modded application. It means that you get to access 3D graphics here too. When you get to watch content in the best quality, it is always a pleasing experience. If you can do it free of cost, it’s only going to be the icing on the cake. 
  6. You get subtitles in different languages. You expect a platform like Hotstar to provide you with some great subtitles. As long as they are available in multiple languages, you always have got options to choose from when you’re watching a film or TV show belonging to a different language. 
  7. The best part about using Hotstar Mod is that there’s no need to provide login information. There’s no login required in the first place. As soon as you download and install it to your device, you are ready to run it. Search for your favorite TV shows and movies while you get to live stream sports content at the same point in time.
  8. You don’t necessarily need to have an upgraded version of Android on your device. The great thing about Hotstar Mod is that it will work the same way on all versions of Android devices. It’s compatible which makes it a great option for Android users universally. 
  9. The application is safe as well. If you think you have to root your device first before downloading this application, we are glad to tell you that you’re having an incorrect assumption. You don’t have to do anything differently here. The fact that this application doesn’t carry any damaged and corrupted files further solidifies the fact that this is very safe to use. 

Install Hotstar VIP Mod For Android 

  • If you have the normal version of Hotstar on your phone, you need to uninstall it first. The modded application is only going to work when you have uninstalled the normal version of Hotstar. Ignore this step if you haven’t installed the Play Store version of Hotstar on your device. 
  • The next thing to do is to enter the settings of your device and allow applications from unknown sources. 
  • Once you have done so, you need to download the modded version of Hotstar to your device. It is only going to take a couple of minutes as long as your internet connection is good. 
  • Install the application and start using it. 

Since you don’t need to sign up here, you can start streaming your favorite content as soon as the download and installation have been completed. 

Download And Install Hotstar Mod For PC 

  • First and foremost, you will have to download an Android emulator to your PC. There’s no direct way of downloading and installing Hotstar Mod on your computer. So it’s advised that you look for the safest Android emulator out there. 
  • Once you have completed the download, the installation process of the emulator is going to write itself. 
  • You can download the Hotstar Mod APK from the link we have given to you. 
  • Once you have completed the download, you need to import the file to the emulator. 

There’s nothing different about downloading Hotstar Mod to your PC. The only thing that you have to do differently is to download an Android emulator to the computer. If you already have an emulator, the process becomes even more simple. 


Q1: How is Hotstar Mod APK going to be helpful for my device? 

There are various advantages associated with Hotstar Mod APK. You get to access VIP and Premium content for free on this application. You don’t have to root your device to access this content either. All in all, it is a really useful application that doesn’t cost you a single penny. 

Q2: Is it difficult to download the Hotstar Mod APK to your device? 

No, there’s no difficulty in downloading and installing this application to your device. As long as you’re using a trusted source to make the download and allowing applications from unknown sources to be installed, there’s nothing different about the process. 

Q3: How much time does it take to download the Hotstar Mod APK? 

The size of the updated version of this application is 35 MB. You can decide the time to be taken for the download based on your internet connection. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes if you’re using a healthy internet connection. 

Conclusion: Download Hotstar MOD APK for Android

Hotstar provides you with some awesome content and the quality on offer is fascinating as well. If you download and install Hotstar Mod to your device, you get to access this content free of cost. There’s no login required either. So once you complete the download, you can start streaming the content on this application instantly! 

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