Download Keepsafe for PC (Windows & Mac)

Download Keepsafe for PC and protect your private photos and videos. Keepsafe for PC is a great application and can be installed on Windows PC and Apple Macintosh. If you want great privacy options and password protection then you should definitely download Keepsafe for PC.

Undoubtedly, everyone cares about their privacy and their personal data. With the going craze of Internet usage and sharing of data, people tend to share their personal photos and videos unintentionally or by mistake. Moreover, it is the era of digital communication, hacking is very common. These hackers find one way or other to steal the personal data from a user’s PC and misuse them. So, it is really important for the users to keep their data such as photos, videos, notes, and other applications to be safe. In order to improve and secure your privacy, you can make use of Keepsafe for PC app. In this post, we cover almost every aspect of KeepSafe for PC along with a detailed step by step guide to install Keepsafe on your PC for free.

What is Keepsafe for PC?

Keepsafe is a free to use application which takes care of the privacy of its user online in his or her everyday life. It keeps your photos and videos as private as possible which saves your personal data from getting into wrong hands. It provides your device a separate space to securely store our photos and videos hiding them away from prying eyes. It makes the use of a password and enters combination which means that only the person who knows the password can enter the Keepsafe vault. Also, you can choose a recovery email account to get access to the Keepsafe vault for PC where you have stored all of your personal pictures and videos.

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It works similar to a safe which stores your personal data and can only open up with a password working as a key to the vault. Also, it allows users to create specific folders to keep photos and categorize them accordingly. Keepsafe provides an encrypted backup for your data as well as military-grade encryption to completely secure them. This exclusive feature is added to manage the device (whether phone, PC, or tablet) and the backup system.

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Keepsafe is actually an Android and iOS-based app primarily made for smartphone users. However, if you want to use it on PC and make sure that your photos are kept safe in the vault then you do not need to worry about it. We bring to you the procedure of installing Keepsafe on your PC with a detailed step by step guide to help you out with any difficulty caused in its installation. Well, before heading towards the final procedure of download and install Keepsafe for PC, it is necessary to understand what KeepSafe is capable of doing. In other words, you should know what are the features of the Keepsafe app so that you can use it to the fullest to secure your privacy and personal belongings.

Features of Keepsafe for PC

Keepsafe is one of the must-have apps for almost everyone these days. With the growing rate of cyber crimes and hacking incidents, the privacy of Internet users is always on the verge of getting disturbed by any other person. Therefore, KeepSafe is very necessary for today’s time and you should try it as soon as possible. Here are some of the outstanding features of KeepSafe which makes it one of the best apps on the Internet.

  • KeepSafe for PC is free to use application and you do not need to spend a single penny to unlock its exclusive features.
  • It is totally an ad-free app which means that while you are using this app you will not come across any type of advertisement which causes disturbance while using your PC.
  • When you register on the KeepSafe app, it will ask for a security password. You can even add a pin password to unlock the Keepsafe vault. If you are using the phone, then you can add a fingerprint option to unlock it.
  • You can store almost any type of data such as your driving license, passport, voter card photo, as well as various other private documents safe in an online locker.
  • Another benefit of using this app is that it doesn’t appear on your recent apps list, so it is totally a secured network which you can use on your PC as well as phone.
  • It also creates a backup of your photos and videos on its own. So, you can recover these media files on your device whenever you want without any problem.

Well, there is much more to explore in this app as it has some spectacular features.

Download and Install Keepsafe for PC

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As mentioned before, Keepsafe was not actually developed for PC or Mac OS. So, there is no .exe file of KeepSafe. In place of that, there is an APK file of KeepSafe. Therefore, you need to use an Android Emulator in order to run KeepSafe on PC. Follow the steps given below to download and install KeepSafe for PC.

  1. First of all, you need to download an Android emulator on your PC. We recommend you to use BlueStacks for this purpose as it is one of the best emulators on the Internet and it is available for free on its official website.
  2. After you have downloaded an Emulator, install it on your PC. Sign in with your Google Play account, if you do not have any Google account then create a new one.
  3. Now, open the emulator and go to the search box available on the top of the screen.
  4. Search for KeepSafe and press enter. It will display a few results, select the topmost search result.
  5. Click on install and the Keepsafe APK will start installing on your PC. Once it is fully installed, you can use it for free.

Final Words on Keepsafe

Keepsafe for PC is the need of the hour with a rising amount of cyber crimes in today’s time. It is totally free to use the app and protects our personal data to reach any wrong hands. Therefore, it is a must try the app and really helpful for almost everyone. Also, the app is totally trusted and you should download it as soon as possible. For any type of queries related to this post, feel free to comment below.

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