NXT Sports APK Latest v9.8 (Official App 2022)

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Do you love to watch sports? There are many like you across the globe. A sports fan is always keen to stream sports events live. While there are several applications made to stream such content on your Android phone, you should try to download NXT Sports APK on it. With NXT Sports, you will be able to stream top sports events. The good thing is that it is not restricted to just sport. No matter if you’re a basketball fan, cricket fan, or an admirer of soccer or all of them combined, you will be able to stream all kinds of sports events through NXT Sports APK. 

The app is updated regularly and its features become more refined over some time. The good thing is that you can easily download and install it on your phone. We will take a look at different aspects of NXT Sports APK that will allow you to decide whether to go for this application or not. 

Name NXT Sports
Downloads 5,000+ (Monthly)
Required Android 4.4+
Updated on March 2022
Size 10 MB
Version 9.8
Developer Pocket TV

NXT Sports Download Latest Version

Download NXT Sports APK 


Features of NXT Sports APP

Downloading NXT Sports APK is going to bring some amazing features to your device. We will take a look at some of the best features on offer from this application: 

  1. The user interface of this application is very straightforward. You would generally assume the user interface to be very stiff coming from an unofficial application. The same isn’t the case when you’re using NXT Sports APK. As soon as you download the application to your phone and start using it, you will be able to get to its groove rather quickly. This means that the application can be used by anyone, even if one has got a little knowledge about handling such applications. 
  2. The ad-free experience of NXT Sports APK needs to be applauded as well. Several streaming platforms will constantly throw in ads. While it’s okay to a point, some of these platforms overdo it which can prove to be irritating at times. This is when you use an application like NXT Sports. Once you start using it, you can stream content from any given sport and there would be no advertisement coming your way. This will be a big sigh of relief, especially for the people who watch their favorite sport wholeheartedly and don’t want anyone to interrupt their experience. 
  3. You don’t have to pay for any of the content you’re going to stream here. So you get amazing content from all kinds of sports such as basketball, soccer, cricket, etc. but you don’t pay any price for it. How cool is that? There are very few applications that will provide all this content for free. Even if they provide free content, advertisements will keep coming your way while streaming content on such applications. But when you download NXT Sports APK to your device, you don’t have to worry about any of such situations. 
  4. You will be able to get live HD channels through NXT Sports APK. Which game do you love the most? There will be a particular channel that might be streaming content related to such sport. NXT Sports will make sure that the channel is made available to you. On top of that, it will make sure that you’re able to stream high-quality content. It will be like you’re experiencing the sport on your TV screen, the only difference here is the resolution. While you will have to pay to subscribe to the TV channel, the same isn’t the case when you use NXT Sports on your Android phone. 
  5. Are you an avid cricket fan? It’s about time you download NXT Sports APK to your mobile phone and start streaming live content. If you love to watch IPL, you’re going to have a fun time on NXT Sports APK. It will help you keep a close eye on your favorite teams and players. If you’re too busy to watch a full-length match, you can go through highlights here. To cut things short, the whole IPL experience will be under your control as you will have a chance to watch the highlights of each match. The pre-match and post-match analysis will be brought to you as well. 
  6. You have a chance to stream with the help of multiple servers here. Now if there’s only one server available on a streaming platform, it can prove to be difficult at times. Suppose you want to watch a particular match but the stream is showing an error or just not loading. In such a case, you would like to use another server for the cause. When you’re going to use NXT Sports on your mobile phone, things are going to be very different for sure. 

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How to Install NXT Sports APK Ad-Free Versi0n

Before you download and install this application, you should know the minimum requirements to install it on your phone. You should be using Android version 4.0.3 at the very least to be able to run this application on your device. You can easily manage to do so as most of the current Android devices are running on a far more updated version. The download and installation process will be something like this: 

  • Go to the download link. You need to make sure that you’re downloading the latest version of the application. 
  • Once you have clicked on the link, wait for the download to complete. It is only going to take a few moments to get the job done. 
  • Once the download is completed, you have to reach the settings of your device. 
  • As you get there, you have to find the “Security” option. Tap on it and then reach out to the “Unknown Sources” option. 
  • You have to allow applications to be installed from unknown sources. You just need to tap and turn on the option. 
  • Now go back to the download page and click on the application to be installed on your device. 
  • The next thing to do is to agree to all the terms & conditions given on this application. Click on the install option and it will take a few moments for the icon of the application to drop on your home screen. 

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Q1: Can I stream Basketball matches through NXT Sports? 

Yes, you can stream Basketball matches on this application. Apart from basketball, you will also be able to stream cricket and soccer content. There are various other sports matches to look forward to on this application. 

Q2: Is it simple to use? 

Yes, NXT Sports is very easy to use. It’s due to its user interface which has been built with utmost simplicity. There are various other unofficial applications as well but most of them wouldn’t be able to provide you with such a pleasing user interface. 

Q3: Can I find this application on the Play Store? 

No, you wouldn’t be able to find this application on the Play Store. If you want to install NXT Sports to your device, you will have to find a third-party app store or website to make the download. 

Conclusion: Download NXT Sports APK Free

If you love to stream sports content, it is about time you download NXT Sports APK to your device. Be it football, hockey, cricket or basketball, you will be able to stream some quality content irrespective of the sport. Start using this application and get an exciting live experience of every action taking place on the field! 

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